Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Application and alteration of tables and forms.

118.(1) The forms in the Third Schedule to this Act or forms as near thereto as circumstances admit shall be used in all matters to which those forms refer.

(2) The Board of Trade may alter any of the tables and forms in the First Schedule to this Act, so that it does not increase the amount of fees payable to the registrar in the said schedule mentioned, and may alter or add to the forms in the said Third Schedule.

(3) Any such table or form, when altered, shall be published in the London Gazette, and thenceforth shall have the same force as if it were included in one of the Schedules to this Act, but no alteration made by the Board of Trade in Table A. in the said First Schedule shall affect any company registered before the alteration, or repeal, as respects that company, any portion of that table.