Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Right of debenture holders to inspect the register of debenture holders and to have copies of trust deed.

102.(1) Every register of holders of debentures of a company shall, except when closed in accordance with the articles during such period or periods (not exceeding in the whole thirty days in any year) as may be specified in the articles, be open to the inspection of the registered holder of any such debentures, and of any holder of shares in the company, but subject to such reasonable restrictions as the company may in general meeting impose, so that at least two hours in each day are appointed for inspection, and every such holder may require a copy of the register or any part thereof on payment of sixpence for every one hundred words required to be copied.

(2) A copy of any trust deed for securing any issue of debentures shall be forwarded to every holder of any such debentures at his request on payment in the case of a printed trust deed of the sum of one shilling or such less sum as may be prescribed by the company, or, where the trust deed has not been printed, on payment of sixpence for every one hundred words required to be copied.

(3) If inspection is refused, or a copy is refused or not forwarded, the company shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five pounds, and to a further fine not exceeding two pounds for every day during which the refusal continues, and every director, manager, secretary, or other officer of the company who knowingly authorises or permits the refusal shall incur the like penalty.

Debentures and Floating Charges.