Companies (Consolidation) Act, 1908

Right to inspect copies of instruments creating mortgages and charges and company's register of mortgages.

101.(1) The copies of instruments creating any mortgage or charge requiring registration under this Act with the registrar of companies, and the register of mortgages kept in pursuance of the last foregoing section, shall be open at all reasonable times to the inspection of any creditor or member of the company without fee, and the register of mortgages shall also be open to the inspection of any other person on payment of such fee, not exceeding one shilling for each inspection, as the company may prescribe.

(2) If inspection of the said copies or register is refused, any officer of the company refusing inspection, and every director and manager of the company authorising or knowingly and wilfully permitting the refusal, shall be liable to a fine not exceeding five pounds, and a further fine not exceeding two pounds for every day during which the refusal continues; and, in addition to the above penalty as respects companies registered in England or Ireland, any judge of the High Court sitting in chambers, or the judge of the court exercising the stannaries jurisdiction in the case of companies subject to that jurisdiction, may by order compel an immediate inspection of the copies or register.