Irish Universities Act, 1908

Establishment of commissions.

6.(1) For the purposes of this Act there shall be two bodies of commissioners, styled respectively the Dublin Commissioners and the Belfast Commissioners, and any reference to commissioners in this Act shall be construed as a reference to the Dublin Commissioners, or the Belfast Commissioners, or to both bodies of commissioners, as the case requires.

(2) The Dublin Commissioners shall be the Right Honourable Christopher Palles, Alexander Anderson, John Pius Boland, Sir William Francis Butler, Denis Joseph Coffey, Stephen Gwynn, Henry Jackson, Sir John Rhys, The Most Reverend William Joseph Walsh, Bertram Coghill Alan Windle; and the Belfast Commissioners shall be His Honour James Johnston Shaw, Samuel Dill, The Reverend Thomas Hamilton, Donald Macalister, Robert T. Martin, Sir Arthur William Rücker, Johnson Symington.

(3) The chairman of the Dublin and Belfast commissioners respectively shall be appointed by His Majesty from amongst the members of the Commission.

(4) If a vacancy occurs in the office of a commissioner by reason of death, resignation, incapacity, or otherwise, His Majesty may appoint a person to fill the vacancy.

(5) For the purpose of dealing with any matter which is to be dealt with by the commissioners jointly under this Act, a joint committee shall be appointed consisting of eight commissioners, four being appointed by each body of commissioners from amongst the members of that body.

Any matter which is to be so dealt with jointly shall be dealt with and determined by the joint committee.

(6) If a vacancy occurs amongst the members of the joint committee by reason of death, resignation, incapacity, the vacating of the office of commissioner or otherwise, the body of commissioners who appointed the person whose office is vacant shall appoint another commissioner to take his place.

(7) The provisions set out in the Second Schedule to this Act shall have effect with respect to the procedure of the commissioners.

(8) The commissioners may, with the consent of the Treasury as to number, appoint or employ such persons as they may think necessary for the execution of their duties under this Act, and may remove any person so appointed or employed, and there shall be paid to the secretary to the commissioners, and to any person appointed or employed by the commissioners, such remuneration as the Treasury may assign, and that remuneration and all expenses of the commissioners incurred with the sanction of the Treasury in the execution of this Act shall be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament.

(9) The commissioners may, if they think fit, take evidence upon any of the matters which they are directed to deal with or have power to deal with under this Act; and may, if they think fit, make any report to His Majesty containing any recommendations which in their opinion ought to be made for the purpose of better enabling them to carry out any of the powers hereby entrusted to them.

(10) The powers of the commissioners shall continue until the end of the year nineteen hundred and ten, but His Majesty may by Order in Council continue their powers for such further period not exceeding one year as His Majesty thinks fit.

Financial Provisions and Purchase of Land.