Finance Act, 1908

Reduction of sugar duty.

1 Edw. 7. c. 7.

2. The duties, drawbacks, and allowance in respect of sugar, molasses, glucose, and saccharin set out in the Schedule to this Act shall, as from the eighteenth day of May nineteen hundred and eight, be at the reduced rates set out in the second column of that Schedule, instead of at the rates set out in the third column of that Schedule (being the rates previously in force):

Provided that the reduction shall be deemed not to have taken effect until the first day of July nineteen hundred and eight, as respects any such duty charged on manufactured or prepared goods under section seven of the Finance Act, 1901, and as respects the drawback allowed on any such goods in respect of which it is shown to the satisfaction of the Commissioners of Customs that the duty was paid on the sugar, molasses, glucose, or saccharin used in the manufacture or preparation at the rates charged before the eighteenth day of May nineteen hundred and eight.