Irish Land Act, 1907

As to disposal of mining rights.

3 Edw. 7. c. 37.

1.(1) The Irish Land Commission may let, lease, sell or demise to any person in such manner and subject to such conditions as they may think proper, and at the best rent or price, as the case may be, which may be obtainable, any exclusive right of mining or taking minerals, or digging or searching for minerals, reserved to them under section thirteen of the Irish Land Act, 1903.

(2) For the purpose of ascertaining the value of any such right, the Commission may, either alone or in association with any other persons, after having given to the occupier of the land in respect of which the right is to be exercised at least one month’s notice by registered letter, addressed to him at his last-known place of abode, and subject to the provisions of sub-section four of the said section thirteen as to compensation, enter upon the land and make such borings and other experiments as, in the opinion of the Commission, appear necessary or desirable.

(3) Out of the profits arising from any disposition of any such right made by the Land Commission there shall be paid any expenses incurred under the authority of this Act in relation to such right, and any sums advanced out of the reserve fund mentioned in section forty-three of the said Act of 1903 for payment of those expenses shall be repaid to that fund, and the net profit remaining shall, after deduction of the percentage provided for in subsection three of section thirteen of the said Act, be paid into and form part of that fund.

(4) The powers conferred upon the Irish Land Commission by this section shall only be exercised with the approval of the Judicial Commissioner and after having, where practicable, ascertained the views of the person entitled to the aforesaid percentage.

(5) Not less than one month before any disposition is made under this section of any right, the Commission shall publish, in a newspaper circulating in the locality where the right is to be exercised, a notice stating their intention to make a lease or sale, as the case may be, and inviting offers from any persons wishing to exercise the right.