Probation of Offenders Act, 1907

Probation orders and conditions of recognizances.

2.(1) A recognizance ordered to be entered into under this Act shall, if the court so order, contain a condition that the offender be under the supervision of such person as may be named in the order during the period specified in the order and such other conditions for securing such supervision as may be specified in the order, and an order requiring the insertion of such conditions as aforesaid in the recognizance is in this Act referred to as a probation order.

(2) A recognizance under this Act may contain such additional conditions as the court may, having regard to the particular circumstances of the case, order to be inserted therein with respect to all or any of the following matters:—

(a) for prohibiting the offender from associating with thieves and other undesirable persons, or from frequenting undesirable places;

(b) as to abstention from intoxicating liquor, where the offence was drunkenness or an offence committed under the influence of drink;

(c) generally for securing that the offender should lead an honest and industrious life.

(3) The court by which a probation order is made shall furnish to the offender a notice in writing stating in simple terms the conditions he is required to observe.