Registration of Clubs (Ireland) Act, 1904

Competent grounds of objection to registration.

5. The court shall not consider any objection to the grant or renewal of a certificate unless it is taken upon one or more of the following grounds:—

(a) The character of the chairman or secretary or of any official or member of the committee of management or governing body; or

(b) The suitability of the premises; or

(c) That the application made by the club, or its rules, or any of them, are in any respect specified in such objection not in conformity with the provisions of this Act; or

(d) That the club has ceased to exist, or that the number of members is less than twenty-five; or

(e) That it is not conducted in good faith as a club, or that it is kept or habitually used for any unlawful purpose, or mainly for the supply of exciseable liquor; or

(f) That there is frequent drunkenness on the club premises, or that persons in a state of intoxication are frequently seen to leave the club premises, or that the club is conducted in a disorderly manner; or

(g) That illegal sales of exciseable liquor have taken place on the club premises; or

(h) That persons who are not members are habitually admitted to the club merely for the purpose of obtaining exciseable liquor; or

(i) That the club occupies premises in respect of which, within twelve months next preceding the formation of the club, a licence for the sale of exciseable liquors has been forfeited, or a certificate under the Licensing (Ireland) Acts, 1833 to 1900, in respect of the renewal of any such licence has been refused, or in respect of which an order has been made that they shall not be used for the purposes of a club; or

(j) That the supply of exciseable liquor to the club is not under the control of the members or the committee appointed by the members; or

(k) That any of the rules of the club are habitually broken; or

(l) That the rules have been so changed as not to be in conformity with the provisions of the immediately preceding section of this Act.