Registration of Clubs (Ireland) Act, 1904

Club rules qualifying for registration.

4. In order that any club may be eligible to be registered, the rules of the club shall provide—

(a) That the business and affairs of the club shall be under the management of a committee or governing body elected for not less than a year by the general body of members and subject in whole or in a specified proportion to annual re-election, and that no member of the committee or governing body, and no manager or servant employed in the club, shall have any personal interest in the sale of exciseable liquors therein, or in the profits arising from such sale:

(b) That the committee or governing body shall hold periodical meetings:

(c) That the names and addresses of persons proposed as ordinary members of the club shall be displayed on a conspicuous place in the club premises for at least a week before their election, and that an interval of not less than two weeks shall elapse between nomination and election of ordinary members:

(d) That all members shall be elected by the whole body of members or by the committee or governing body, with or without specially added members:

(e) That there shall be a defined subscription payable by members in advance :

(f) That correct accounts and books shall be kept showing the financial affairs and receipts and disbursements of the club:

(g) That a visitor shall not be supplied with exciseable liquor in the club premises unless on the invitation and in the company of a member, and that the member shall, upon the admission of such visitor to the club premises, or immediately upon his being supplied with such liquor, enter his own name and the name and address of the visitor in a book which shall be kept for the purpose and which shall show the date of each visit:

(h) That no exciseable liquors shall be sold or supplied for consumption outside the premises of the club, except to members of the club, between the hours of eight o’clock in the morning and ten o’clock at night:

(i) That no persons shall be allowed to become honorary or temporary members of the club or be relieved of the payment of the regular entrance fee or subscription, except those possessing certain qualifications defined in the rules, and subject to conditions and regulations prescribed therein:

(j) That no person under eighteen years of age shall be admitted a member of the club, unless the club is one primarily devoted to some athletic purpose, and, in the latter case, that no exciseable liquors shall be sold or supplied to any person under eighteen years of age:

Provided always that this section shall not apply to any lodge of Freemasons duly constituted under a charter or warrant from the Grand Lodge of Ireland.