Registration of Clubs (Ireland) Act, 1904

Register of clubs to be kept.

1.—(1) From and after the commencement of this Act a register shall be kept by every petty sessions clerk (hereinafter called “the registrar”), in which he shall enter the name of each club situate within his district to which a certificate of registration is granted under the provisions of this Act, which register shall be in a form prescribed by the Lord Lieutenant, and shall show the date of such certificate, whether such certificate is granted for the first time or on renewal, the address of the premises to which the certificate is applicable, and the names and addresses of the officials and the committee of management or governing body of the club, and whether the club is tenant or the proprietor and occupier of the said premises. The register and copy of the rules lodged with the registrar shall at all reasonable hours be open to inspection without fee, in the Dublin Metropolitan Police district by a superintendent of the Dublin Metropolitan Police or any constable authorised by him in writing, and elsewhere in Ireland by a district inspector of the Royal Irish Constabulary or any constable so authorised by him, or in any place by any officer of the Inland Revenue, and in any place by any person on payment of a fee of one shilling.

(2) The registration of a club under this Act shall not constitute the club licensed premises or authorise any sale of exciseable liquors therein which would otherwise be illegal.