Irish Land Act, 1903

Amendment of 59 & 60 Vict. c. 47. s. 38 (3) with respect to apportionment of annuity and guarantee deposit.

67.(1) The powers for the apportionment of an annuity, or the discharge of portion of a holding from liability in respect of an annuity, conferred by subsection three of section thirty-eight of the Act of 1896, may be exercised where the holding was sold or subdivided before the passing of the Act of 1896.

(2) Where the Land Commission exercise the power of apportionment conferred by the said subsection three, either as amended or not, they may apportion in the same proportions the guarantee deposit (if any) retained to secure the repayment of the advance, and such last-mentioned apportionment may be made without the consent of the owner of the guarantee deposit.

(3) Where any land upon which portion of a purchase annuity has been charged by the Land Commission is conveyed to the proprietor of a holding subject to a purchase annuity, that holding and the land so conveyed shall be deemed one holding, and the said annuity and portion shall be payable in such manner and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed.