Irish Land Act, 1903

Purchase agreement and vesting order.

54 & 55 Vict. c. 66.

16.(1) The Land Commission may, where they agree to purchase any land, make a vesting order which shall be effectual to vest in the Commission the fee simple of the land purchased, subject—

(a) to any public rights affecting the land;

(b) to any sporting rights reserved by the vendor;

(c) to any maintenance charge under the Public Works Acts; and

(d) to any interests of the tenants on the land, or of persons having claims upon those interests, and to any easements, rights and appurtenances mentioned in section thirty-four of the Act of 1896;

but, save as aforesaid and subject to the provisions of this Act with respect to minerals, discharged from the claims of all persons who are interested in the land, whether in respect of superior or intervening interests or incumbrances or otherwise, and all such claims shall, as from the date of the vesting order, cease as against the land and attach to the purchase money, in like manner as immediataly before the date of the order they attached to the land.

(2) At any time not less than two months before making a vesting order under this section, the Land Commission shall publish the prescribed advertisements, and shall serve such notices as they may think necessary stating their intention to make the order and the effect thereof, and any person interested in the land may, in the manner and within the time prescribed, show cause against the vesting order being made, and in such case, unless the cause shown is disallowed, the order shall not be made.

(3) A certified copy of every vesting order under this section shall be transmitted to the registering authority under the Local Registration of Title (Ireland) Act, 1891, and the Land Commission shall thereupon be registered under that Act as the absolute owners of the land, discharged from all claims as herein-before provided.