Irish Land Act, 1903

Reservation of ancient monuments.

45 & 46 Vict. c. 73.

61 & 62 Vict. c. 37.

14.(1) Where any land, which is vested under the Land Purchase Acts in a purchaser, contains any ancient monument which, in the opinion of the Land Commission, is a matter of public interest, by reason of the historic, traditional or artistic interest attaching thereto, they may, with the consent of the Commissioners of Public Works in Ireland, by order declare that the property in the monument shall not pass to the purchaser and make an order vesting the monument in those Commissioners.

(2) Where any such order is made, the provisions of the Ancient Monuments Protection Act, 1882, with respect to the maintenance of and access and penalties for injury to ancient monuments shall apply as if the monument were a monument under the guardianship of those Commissioners in pursuance of that Act.

(3) Where those Commissioners refuse to consent to the vesting of any such monument in them, the Land Commission may, with the consent of the council of the county within which the monument is situate, make an order vesting the monument in that council, and subsection two of section nineteen of the Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898, shall thereupon apply.

(4) In this section the expression “ancient monument” means any ancient or mediaeval structure, erection or monument or any remains thereof.