Revenue Act, 1898

Part I.


Prohibitions and restrictions.

47 & 48 Vict. c. 76.

6 & 7 Will. 4. c. 66.

1. There shall be added to the table of prohibitions and restrictions contained in section forty-two of the Customs Act, the following, that is to say:—

(i) Fictitious stamps, as defined for the purposes of section seven of the Post Office (Protection) Act, 1884, and any die, plate, instrument, or materials for making any such stamps;

(ii) Any advertisement or other notice of, or relating to, the drawing or intended drawing of any lottery, which, in the opinion of the [2] Commissioners of Customs, is imported for the purpose of publication in the United Kingdom, in contravention of the Lotteries Act, 1836, or any other Act relating to foreign lotteries.

[2 Now styled Commissioners of Customs and Excise. See 8 Edw. 7. c. 16, s. 4, and Stat. Rules and Orders, 1909, No. 197.]