Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

As to rate books and lists of voters and jurors.

14 & 15 Vict. c. 99.

1 & 2 Vict. c. 56.

34 & 35 Vict. c. 65.

57 & 58 Vict. c. 49.

96.(1) The secretary of every county council and the clerk of every urban district council shall, within the prescribed time after making a poor rate, send, without payment, to every board of guardians for a union wholly or partly situate within the county of district, a copy, certified by such secretary or clerk to be a true copy, of so much of the rate book containing the said poor rate as relates to the union, and the Evidence Act, 1851, shall apply as if the copy were a certified copy within the meaning of that Act, and every person shall have the same right to inspect and take copies or extracts from the said copy as he would have if it were a poor rate, and section seventy of the Poor Relief (Ireland) Act, 1838, and any other enactment relating to such inspection, copies, or extracts, shall apply accordingly.

(2) Every county council shall arrange by contract for all printing, whether of lists, forms, registers, or otherwise, required in connexion with the Registration Acts, or with the Juries (Ireland) Acts, 1871 to 1894, whether such printing is required by the secretary of the council, or any clerk of the peace, clerk of a union, or town clerk, and the said printing shall be done in accordance with the contract so made, and not otherwise, unless in any exceptional case the county council for special reasons so permit.

(3) Every such contract shall be made in like manner and the like tenders shall be obtained in like manner, so nearly as circumstances admit, as in the case of a public work the expenses of which are leviable off the county at large.