Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Special provisions as to charges for railways, harbours, navigations, and public health and labourers’ dwellings.

46 & 47 Vict. c. 43.

52 & 53 Vict. c. 66.

53 & 54 Vict. c. 52.

59 & 60 Vict. c. 34.

9 & 10 Vict. c. 3.

29 & 30 Vict. c. 45.

45 & 46 Vict. c. 62.

46 & 47 Vict. c. 26.

50 & 51 Vict. c. 37.

43 Vict. c. 4.

5 & 6 Vict. c. 89.

20 & 21 Vict. c. 23.

46 & 47 Vict. c. 60.

59 & 60 Vict. c. 53.

57.[1] —(1) In estimating the sums raised by poor rate and county cess, and in estimating the standard rate, the Local Government Board on the report of the Commissioner of Valuation shall exclude such amount as they determine is to be taken as having been raised during the standard financial year, in any area for the purpose—

(a) of any railway or harbour charge, that is to say, any charge in connexion with—

(i) any railway or tramway under the Tramways and Public Companies (Ireland) Act, 1883, the Light Railways (Ireland) Act, 1889, or the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1890, or any special Act, whether public or local; or

(ii) any railway or means of communication under the Railways (Ireland) Act, 1896; or

(iii) any harbour, pier, or quay, under the Fisheries (Ireland) Act, 1846, the Piers and Harbours (Ireland) Act, 1866, the Public Works Loans Act, 1882, the Sea Fisheries (Ireland) Act, 1883, or the Public Works Loans Act, 1887, or under any special Act, whether public or local; or

(iv) any work under the Relief of Distress (Ireland) Act, 1880, and the Acts amending the same; or

(b) of any navigation or public health charge, that is to say, any charge in connexion with—

(i) navigation works under the Drainage and Navigation (Ireland) Acts, 1842 to 1857, or any special Act whether public or local; or

(ii) special expenses leviable off a contributory place in a rural sanitary district, either under the Public Health Acts or under any enactment directing expenses to be levied as expenses under those Acts;

and the amount so excluded is in this Act included in the expression “excluded charges.

(2) The amount required to meet payments in respect of any railway or harbour charge, or any navigation or public health charge, shall be separately estimated and raised by means of the poor rate, but as a separate item thereof, and the provisions of this Act with respect to raising expenses and to the poor rate shall apply with the necessary modifications:

Provided that—

(a) the provisions with respect to the division between agricultural land and other hereditaments and the deduction in respect of the amount assigned to agricultural land shall not apply; and

(b) the amount may be raised as heretofore off any area though less than a district or union, and for that purpose there shall be a separate account in the county fund.

(3) The provisions of this Act with reference to the fixing of fair rents shall not apply in the case of any item of the poor rate raised under this section.

(4) The expenses incurred by a sanitary authority, in the execution of the Labourers Acts, 1883 to 1896, when incurred in the standard year, shall not be deemed to have been special expenses within the meaning of this section, and when hereafter incurred, whether in respect of transactions begun before or after the passing of this Act shall be expenses incurred in relation to the business of the council of a rural district, and be levied as district charges accordingly.

Licence Duties and Local Grants.

[1 See footnote, p. 645.]