Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Disposal of agricultural grant in case of constitution or extension of urban district.

50.(1) Where, by virtue of an order respecting the constitution of an urban county district, whether by the constitution of a new or the extension of the boundaries of an old urban county district, any agricultural land in a rural district becomes included within the boundaries of the said urban district, such portion of the agricultural grant payable to the council of the county comprising the district as is proportionate to the rateable value in the standard financial year of that agricultural land shall be applied by the county council in manner directed by the said order for the relief of the said land from rates, whether by the payment thereof to the council of the urban district in exchange for an adequate exemption from rates or otherwise.

(2) This section shall apply to a county borough in like manner as to an urban county district, but in that case the said portion of the agricultural grant shall be paid direct to the council of the county borough instead of to the council of the county at large.

Method of raising Expenses.