Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Additional members and chairman and vice-chairman of county council, and constitution of chairman as justice.

3.(1) The chairman of every rural district council (established under this Act) within the county shall, by virtue of his office, be an additional member of the county council, but if such chairman is otherwise a member, or is disqualified for election as a member, of the county council, the district council may assign one of their number who is not so disqualified to take during the term of office of that chairman the place of the chairman as additional member of the county council.

(2) The county council may choose from persons qualified to be councillors one or two persons who shall be additional councillors during the term of office of the council by whom the choice is made.

(3) The first business of the council after any triennial election shall be the consideration of the question of choosing additional councillors.

(4) The county council may annually choose a chairman, and if they think fit a vice-chairman, from among the councillors, and the chairman, subject as hereafter provided by this Act, shall, during the term of and by virtue of his office, be a justice of the peace for the county, but before acting as such justice he shall, if he has not already done so, take the oaths required by law to be taken by a justice.

Powers of County Councils and County Court.