Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Constitution and election of guardians.

24. . . . . There shall be no ex-officio guardians of a union, and—

(a) in a rural district the district councillors for every district electoral division shall be the guardians for that division; and

(b) in an urban district the guardians for any district electoral division therein shall be elected by the local government electors for that division, subject to the like provisions in the like manner and at the like time as district councillors for a rural district, and shall be qualified in the like manner and hold office for the same term as such district councillors; and

(c) where the Local Government Board constitute any urban county district, or part thereof, or part of a county borough, a district electoral division, they may assign to that division two or more guardians; and

(d) Each elector may give in a district electoral division one vote and no more for each of any number of persons, not exceeding the number of guardians to be elected for that division; and

(e) an elector shall not at the same election vote for the members, whether district councillors or guardians, of a board of guardians for a union in more than one district electoral division in that union.