Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Constitution of and application of Act to county boroughs.

51 & 52 Vict. c. 53.

21.(1) Each of the boroughs mentioned in the Second Schedule to this Act shall be an administrative county of itself, and be called a county borough.

(2) The mayor, aldermen, and burgesses of each county borough acting by the council shall, subject as in this Act mentioned, have the powers and duties of a county council under this Act and the powers of baronial presentment sessions in so far as they have not the same already, and the provisions of this Act with respect to administrative counties shall, so far as circumstances admit, apply in the case of every such borough with the necessary modifications, subject as follows:—

(a) The local government register of electors shall be the burgess roll, and persons registered therein and no others shall be the burgesses, and the provisions made by or in pursuance of this Act respecting the qualification and mode of election of councillors shall extend as well to the aldermen as to the councillors of a county borough, but, save as aforesaid or as expressly provided by this Act, the provisions so made with respect to the constitution, number, duration of office, or chairman, of the county council shall not apply:

Provided that the Local Government Board, on request made by a resolution of the council of any such borough passed by two-thirds of the members voting on such resolution, may by order apply to the borough the provisions of this Act with respect to the duration of office of councillors, and make such incidental provisions as appear to the Board necessary or expedient for bringing such application into full effect, and in particular for making the triennial election of councillors coincide with the triennial election of a portion of the aldermen;

(b) The provisions of this Act relating to main roads, coroners (except as to property qualification), byelaws, or the Borough Funds (Ireland) Act, 1888, shall not apply;

(c) No approval of voters shall be necessary to enable the council of a county borough to oppose a Bill in Parliament pursuant to the provisions of the Borough Funds (Ireland) Act, 1888;

(d) The quorum of a council of a county borough shall be one-fourth of the total number of such council;

(e) The provisions of this Act with respect to compensation for criminal injuries shall apply, although the business has before the passing of this Act been vested in the council of a borough.