Local Government (Ireland) Act, 1898

Power to transfer to county council powers of local bodies.

20.(1) The Local Government Board may, with the consent of the board or body affected, make a provisional order for transferring to a county council business arising in their county under any Act of any drainage board, or other public body corporate or unincorporate (not being a district council or the commissioners of a town or a board of guardians), and where it appears to the Local Government Board that there are no persons capable of acting as such board or body, the order may be made without the consent of the board or body, and each order shall make such exceptions and modifications and also such provisions for carrying into effect the transfer as appear necessary or expedient.

(2) Any such business, if arising within two or more counties, may be transferred to the councils of those counties jointly, and be administered by a joint committee with a representation of each council, to be determined in case of dispute by the Lord Lieutenant.

County Boroughs.