Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1896

Power to execute works in adjoining districts, and to combine for execution of works.

2. Any sanitary authority may, with the consent of the sanitary authority of any adjoining district, execute and do in such adjoining district all or any of such works and things as they may execute and do within their own district, and on such terms as to payment or otherwise as may be agreed on between them and the sanitary authority of the adjoining district, or between them and any person with the consent of such last-mentioned sanitary authority, and may with the like consent supply and sell water to any person in such adjoining district, and any two or more sanitary authorities may combine together for the purpose of executing and maintaining any works that may be for the benefit of their respective districts or any part thereof. All moneys which any sanitary authority may agree to contribute for defraying expenses incurred under this section shall be deemed to be expenses incurred by them in the execution of works within their district.