Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896

As to redemption or apportionment of annuities, rent-charges, &c. under 50 & 51 Vict. c. 33. ss. 15, 16.

33.(1) For the purpose of the distribution of, or other dealing with, an advance, sections fifteen and sixteen of the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1887, and any other unrepealed enactment in the Land Purchase Acts, or this Act, relating to the redemption or apportionment of charges on holdings, or otherwise to the distribution of the purchase money of a holding, shall apply as if the money were the holding.

(2) For the purpose of an agreement respecting the redemption price of any annuity, rentcharge, or rent apportioned under the said section sixteen, the court may determine the parties by whom such agreement may be made or by whom the consent may be given for the determination of the price by the court.

(3) The said sections as amended by this section shall apply to any contingent liability for any annuity, rentcharge, or rent, in like manner as they apply to the annuity, rentcharge, or rent itself, and where any contingent liability has no appreciable value, the money may be distributed without regard to such liability.

(4) Where any liability for any annuity, rentcharge, or rent is apportioned and redeemed out of the purchase money and a right of indemnity in respect of such liability exists, the person entitled to the purchase money shall be entitled to the proportion of the annuity, rentcharge, or rent so redeemed, in like manner as if he had purchased the same, and the court, after due notice to all persons interested, shall make provision as to the future payment of such portion of the annuity, rentcharge, or rent so purchased, and as to the land to be liable thereto, and such other provisions as appear to the court necessary for carrying into effect this enactment.