Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1896

Ejectments for nonpayment of rent in case of holdings under Land Law Acts.

23 & 24 Vict c. 154.

50 & 51 Vict c. 33.

16. In the case of any ejectment which shall be or has been brought for the nonpayment of the rent of a holding to which the Land Law Acts as amended by this Act apply, where the rent in arrear exceeds two years rent, the tenant may pay, tender, deposit, or lodge under sections sixty to seventy-one of the Landlord and Tenant Law Amendment Act (Ireland), 1860, the sum of two years rent instead of the sums therein respectively required to be paid, tendered, deposited, or lodged in respect of the rent and arrears, exclusive of costs, and upon such tender, payment, deposit, or lodgment the tenant shall be in the same position under those sections as if two years rent were the sum due for rent up to the date of the commencement of the proceedings in the ejectment; and the balance of the rent due to that date shall be recoverable by the landlord as if the same were a debt due to him by the person legally liable therefor, but shall not be recovered by ejectment for nonpayment of rent or distress. Provided, however, that—

(1) Nothing herein contained shall relieve the tenant from paying or undertaking to pay costs as provided by the said sections; and

(2) That this section shall not apply to any proceeding in ejectment in which an order has been or shall be made under section thirty of the Land Law (Ireland) Act, 1887, nor to any arrears of rent the subject of any such order.