Friendly Societies Act, 1896

Fees payable to registrar of births and deaths.

97.(1) For the purpose of this Act a certificate of the birth or death of any member of or person insured or to be insured with a registered friendly society or branch shall, on application being made as in this Act provided, be given under his hand by the registrar of births or deaths, for a sum not exceeding one shilling, in place of all fees or payments otherwise payable in respect thereof.

(2) Whenever application is made at one time to any such registrar for more certificates than one of the same birth or death for the purposes of and in the manner prescribed by this Act, the sum charged for every such certificate other than the first shall not exceed sixpence.

(3) Whenever the registrar is required by the person applying for any certificate of birth or death to fill up the form of application, he may demand a sum not exceeding threepence for so doing.

(4) For the purposes of this section the expression “registrar of births or deaths” shall include any person having the care of the register of births or deaths in which the birth or death is entered.