Merchant Shipping Act, 1894

Appointment of surveyors.

724.(1) The Board of Trade may, at such ports as they think fit, appoint either generally or for special purposes, and on special occasion, any person they think fit to be a surveyor of ships for the purposes of this Act, and a person so appointed (in this Act referred to as a surveyor of ships) may be appointed either as a [1 shipwright surveyor] or as an engineer surveyor or as both.

(2) The Board of Trade may also appoint a surveyor-general of ships for the United Kingdom.

(3) The Board of Trade may remove any surveyors of ships and fix and alter their remuneration, and may make regulations as to the performance of their duties, and in particular as to the manner in which surveys of passenger steamers are to be made, as to the notice to be given by them when surveys are required, and as to the amount and payment of any travelling or other expenses incurred by them in the execution of their duties, and may by such regulations determine the persons by whom and the conditions under which the payment of those expenses is to be made.

(4) If a surveyor of ships demands or receives directly or indirectly any fee, remuneration, or gratuity whatever in respect of any duties performed by him under this Act otherwise than by the direction of the Board of Trade, he shall for each offence be liable to a fine not exceeding fifty pounds.

(5) The duties of a surveyor of ships shall be performed under the direction of the Board of Trade, and in accordance with the regulations made by that Board.

[1 Now ship surveyor, see 6 Edw. 7. c. 48. s. 75.]