Merchant Shipping Act, 1894

Inspection of provisions and water for crew of certain ships.

206.[1] —(1) In the case of ships trading or going from any port of the United Kingdom through the Suez Canal, or round the Cape of Good Hope or Cape Horn, the barrels of beef and pork, the preserved meat and vegetables in tins, and the casks of flour or biscuits, intended for the use of the crew of any such ship shall be inspected by such officer and in such manner as rules under this section direct, but before shipment whenever practicable, and, if in the opinion of the inspecting officer they are fit for that use, that officer shall certify the same accordingly in manner directed by such rules.

(2) The inspecting officer may at any time proceed on board any such ship to ascertain whether the stores and water provided have been duly inspected, or, if not, whether they are of a quality fit for the use of the crew of the ship, and if he finds the same not to have been inspected, and to be deficient in quality, the ship shall be detained until the defects are remedied to his satisfaction.

(3) No fee for an inspection under this section shall be levied on the ship.

(4) The Board of Trade may make rules for carrying into effect this section, but all such rules shall be laid before Parliament within three weeks after they are made, if Parliament be then sitting, and if Parliament be not then sitting, within three weeks after the beginning of the then next meeting of Parliament, and shall not come into operation until they have lain for forty days before both Houses of Parliament during the session of Parliament.

(5) The Board of Trade may appoint officers for the purposes of any inspection under this section, and may, with the concurrence of the Treasury, assign them remuneration to be paid out of moneys provided by Parliament.

[Ss. 207 (Expenses of medical attendance in case of illness), 208 (Recovery of expenses from owner), rep. 6 Edw. 7. c. 48. s. 85. See now ss. 34, 35 of that Act.]

[1 Extended by 6 Edw. 7. c. 48. s. 26.]