Conveyance of Mails Act, 1893

Differences as to remuneration for conveyance of mails.

45 & 46 Vict. c. 74.

1. Where under any Act relating to the conveyance of mails or under the Post Office (Parcels) Act, 1882, it is provided that any matter of difference relating to any remuneration or compensation to be paid by the Postmaster-General to any railway company shall be referred to arbitration, that matter of difference shall at the instance of any party thereto be referred to the Railway and Canal Commission instead of to arbitration, and that Commission shall determine the same, and this provision shall apply to any matter of difference referred to in section eight of the Post Office (Parcels) Act, 1882, where such railway companies as therein mentioned, or any company or person owning a steam vessel, are or is one party to the arbitration in like manner as it applies to a difference where a single railway company is a party to the arbitration.