Purchase of Land (Ireland) Act, 1891

Congested districts counties, and application thereto of Part I.

36.(1) Where at the commencement of this Act more than twenty per cent. of the population of a county, or in the case of the county Cork of either riding thereof, live in electoral divisions of which the total rateable value, when divided by the number of the population, gives a sum of less than one pound ten shillings for each individual, those divisions shall for the purposes of this Act be separated from the county in which they are geographically situate, and form a separate county (in this Act referred to as a congested districts county), and the provisions of this Act as to the share of a county in any portion of the Guarantee Fund shall apply to such county with the necessary modifications.

(2) Provided that if within one year from the passing of this Act it appears to the Congested Districts Board that it is expedient to include under the provisions of this section any electoral division other than the divisions herein-before mentioned, or to exclude therefrom any electoral division, it shall be lawful for the Lord Lieutenant, on the report of the Board, to include or exclude, as the case may be, such division.

[Sub-ss. (3)—(6) rep. 3 Edw. 7. c. 37. s. 103.]