Mail Ships Act, 1891

Application of Act by Order in Council.

1.(1) Where Her Majesty the Queen has made a Convention with a Foreign State respecting the postal service between such Foreign State and the United Kingdom, or respecting the privileges of mail ships, that is to say, ships engaged in any postal service of such Foreign State or of any part of Her Majesty’s dominions, it shall be lawful for Her Majesty in Council to order that this Act shall, and this Act shall accordingly, subject to any conditions, exceptions, and qualifications contained in the Order, apply, during the continuance of the Order, as regards such Convention and Foreign State, and the postal service and mail ships described in the Convention; and where by virtue of any such Order this Act or any section thereof applies as regards any Convention, Foreign State, postal service, or mail ship, the same is in this Act referred to as a Convention, Foreign State, postal service, or mail ship to which this Act or section applies.

(2) The Order shall recite or embody the terms of the Convention, and may be varied or revoked by Order in Council, but shall not continue in force for any longer period than the Convention.

(3) Every Order in Council under this Act shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament forthwith after it is made, or, if Parliament be not then sitting, after the then next meeting of Parliament, and shall also be notified in the London Gazette and published under the authority of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office.