Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890

As to repair of cellars under streets.

35.(1) All vaults, arches, and cellars under any street, and all openings into such vaults, arches, or cellars in the surface of any street, and all cellar-heads, gratings, lights, and coal holes in the surface of any street, and all landings, flags, or stones of the path or street supporting the same respectively, shall be kept in good condition and repair by the owners or occupiers of the same, or of the houses or buildings to which the same respectively belong.

(2) Where any default is made in complying with the provisions of this section, the urban authority may, after twenty-four hours’ notice in that behalf, cause anything in respect of which such default is made to be repaired or put into good condition, and the expenses of so doing shall be paid to the urban authority by such owner or occupier respectively, or in default may be recovered in a summary manner.