Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1890

Provision for keeping common courts and passages clean.

27.(1) Where any court, or where any passage leading to the back of several buildings in separate occupations, and not being a highway repairable by the inhabitants at large, is not regularly and effectually swept and kept clean and free from rubbish or other accumulation to the satisfaction of the urban authority, the urban authority may, if they think fit, cause to be swept and cleaned such court or passage.

(2) The expenses thereby incurred shall be apportioned between the occupiers of the buildings situated in the court or to the back of which the passage leads in such shares as may be determined by the surveyor of the urban authority, or (in case of dispute) by a court of summary jurisdiction, and in default of payment any share so apportioned may be recovered summarily from the occupier on whom it is apportioned.