Inland Revenue Regulation Act, 1890

Collectors to apply and remit duties as ordered by Commissioners.

15.(1) Every collector or other person intrusted with the collection, receipt, or custody of inland revenue shall apply and remit all sums of money and securities for money which are intrusted to his custody, or come into his hands, or are under his control, at the prescribed time, and in the prescribed manner and form.

(2) If any such collector or other person neglects or omits so to apply or remit any sum of money or any security for money in his hands, he shall forfeit his office or employment, and shall in addition to the forfeiture of any security which he may have given be liable to pay treble the amount of the sum of money or security for money.

[Ss. 16–20 rep. 54 & 55 Vict. c. 24, s. 1.]

Legal Proceedings.