Superannuation Act, 1887

Distribution of money not exceeding 100l. without probate.

8. On the death of a person to whom any sum not exceeding one hundred pounds is due from a public department in respect of any civil pay, superannuation, or other allowance, annuity or gratuity, then, if the prescribed public department so direct, but subject to the regulations (if any) made by the Treasury, probate or other proof of the title of the personal representative of the deceased person may be dispensed with, and the said sum may be paid or distributed to or among the persons appearing to the public department to be beneficially entitled to the personal estate of the deceased person, or to or among any one or more of those persons, or in case of the illegitimacy of the deceased person or his children, to or among such persons as the department may think fit, and the department shall be discharged from all liability in respect of any such payment or distribution.