Superannuation Act, 1887

Compassionate gratuity on retirement of person not entitled to superannuation.

4. If a person employed in any public department in a capacity in respect of which a superannuation allowance cannot be granted under the Superannuation Act, 1859, retires, or is removed from his employment, and

(a) the employment is one to which he was required to devote his whole time, and

(b) the remuneration for the employment was paid entirely out of moneys provided by Parliament, and

(c) he has served in the employment for not less than seven years, if he is removed in consequence of the abolition of his employment, or for the purpose of facilitating improvements in the organisation of the department by which economy can be effected, or for not less than fifteen years if his retirement is caused from infirmity of mind or body, permanently incapacitating him from the duties of his employment,

the Treasury may, if they think fit, grant to him a compassionate gratuity not exceeding one pound or one week’s pay, whichever is the greater, for each year of his service in his employment.