Superannuation Act, 1887

Power to grant retiring allowance to persons removed.

4 & 5 Will. 4. c. 24.

22 Vict. c. 26.

2.—(1) Where a civil servant is removed from his office on the ground of his inability to discharge efficiently the duties of his office, and a superannuation allowance cannot lawfully be granted to him under the Superannuation Acts, 1834 and 1859, and the Treasury think that the special circumstances of the case justify the grant to him of a retiring allowance, they may grant to him such retiring allowance as they think just and proper, but in no case exceeding the amount for which his length of service would qualify him under sections two and four of the Superannuation Act, 1859, without any addition under section seven of that Act.

(2) A minute of the Treasury granting an allowance under this section to any civil servant shall set forth the amount of the allowance granted to him, and the reasons for such allowance, and shall be laid before Parliament: Provided that the Treasury before making the grant shall consider any representation which the civil servant removed may have submitted to them.