Superannuation Act, 1887

Grant of gratuity on allowance to injured civil servant.

1.(1) Where a person employed in the civil service of the state is injured—

(a) in the actual discharge of his duty; and

(b) without his own default; and

(c) by some injury specifically attributable to the nature of his duty,

the Treasury may grant to him, or if he dies from the injury, to his widow, his mother, if wholly dependent on him at the time of his death, and to his children, or to any of them, such gratuity or annual allowance as the Treasury may consider reasonable, and as may be permitted by the terms of a warrant under this section.

(2) The Treasury shall forthwith after the passing of this Act frame a [2] warrant regulating the grant of gratuities and annual allowances under this section, and the warrant so framed shall be laid before Parliament.

(3) Provided that a gratuity under this section shall not exceed one year’s salary of the person injured, and an allowance under this section shall not, together with any superannuation allowance to which he is otherwise entitled, exceed the salary of the person injured, or three hundred pounds a year, whichever is less.

[2 This warrant may be modified by the Treasury for the purposes of the Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1906, see 6 Edw. 7. c. 58, s. 9 2.]