Savings Banks Act, 1887

Regulations as to deposit of deceased depositor.

3.(1) The regulations made in pursuance of this Act may also provide—

(a) for the nomination by a depositor not being under sixteen years of age of any person or persons to whom any sum or sums not exceeding in the aggregate one hundred pounds payable to such depositor at his decease (including any portion of any annuity or accrued interest payable to the representatives of such depositor) is or are to be paid at such decease, and

(b) for the revocation of such nomination and for the payment of the specified amount to any nominee so nominated, and

(c) for the effect and construction of such nomination in the event of the sums due to the depositor exceeding one hundred pounds, and may provide for it taking effect as respects an amount or amounts not exceeding one hundred pounds in like manner as if it were a will of the deceased duly executed, and that notwithstanding want of due execution, minority, or marriage.[1]

(2) Where the sum in a savings bank which forms part of the personal estate of a person appearing to be deceased does not exceed one hundred pounds, then, if the regulations under this Act so provide, and subject to such regulations, probate, or other proof of the title of the personal representative of the deceased person may be dispensed with, and such sum may be paid or distributed to or among the persons appearing in manner provided by the said regulations to be beneficially entitled to the personal estate of such deceased person, whether under such nomination of the deceased person as is allowed by the regulations, or by law, or as next of kin, or as creditors, or otherwise, or to or among any one or more of such persons, exclusively of the others, or in case of any illegitimacy of the deceased person or his children, to or among such person or persons as may be directed by the said regulations, and the person making such payment shall be discharged from all liability in respect of the sum paid in accordance with the said regulations.

[1 Also for the addition of names to an account already in a savings bank. See 54 & 55 Vict. c. 21, s. 12 (2).]