Spirits Act, 1880

Bottling spirits in warehouse.

68. (1.) The proprietor of spirits warehoused in an Excise warehouse may bottle the spirits on giving the officer in charge of the warehouse twenty-four hours previous notice of his intention to do so.

(2.) He must provide and give the prescribed security, and the place in which the spirits are to be bottled must be approved by the Commissioners, must be adjacent to the warehouse, and must not be situate in the same court or yard, or have any communication with the premises of a rectifier, dealer, or retailer.

(3.) If the spirits are for home consumption they must be drawn off into imperial or reputed quart or pint bottles, and packed in cases containing one dozen quart bottles or two dozen pint bottles each, or any number of dozens.

(4.) Each case must be fastened, secured, and marked in the prescribed manner in the bottling place.

(5.) Subject as aforesaid, spirits must be bottled, packed, and removed in accordance with the prescribed regulations.

(6.) If at any time there is found in the quantity of spirits belonging to the proprietor a deficiency since the last account was taken exceeding by two per centum in the quantity removed by him into the bottling place, he shall be charged with duty on such deficiency.

(7.) Spirits so bottled may not be removed for home consumption,—

(a.) by a distiller, unless he is also licensed as a dealer, in a quantity less than five dozen imperial or reputed quart bottles, or ten dozen imperial or reputed pint bottles;

(b.) by any person in a quantity less than one dozen imperial or reputed quart bottles, or two dozen imperial or reputed pint bottles.