Spirits Act, 1880

Mode of obtaining permit.

106. (1.) A permit shall be granted by the proper officer upon a request note signed by a distiller or other person requiring a permit and delivered to the officer.

(2.) The request note must contain the particulars specified in that behalf in the Fourth Schedule.

(3.) The permit must contain all the particulars specified in the request note, and shall be in force for such limited time only as may be mentioned in the permit.

(4.) A permit shall not be granted to a distiller for any less quantity of spirits than nine gallons contained in one cask, or if the spirits are bottled, for any quantity less than five dozen imperial or reputed quart bottles or ten dozen imperial or reputed pint bottles.

(5.) A permit shall not be granted for the removal of spirits from the stock of a distiller (except for spirits to be warehoused) unless the receipt for the duty on the spirits to be removed be produced with the request note.

(6.) The officer must indorse on the receipt the quantity of spirits for which the permit is granted and the date of the permit.