Spirits Act, 1880

Restrictions on sale by dealers and retailers.

102. (1.) A dealer must not, unless he has an additional licence authorizing him so to do, or is also licensed as a retailer, sell, send out, or deliver spirits in any less quantity than two gallons of the same denomination at a time for the same person.

(2.) A retailer must not, unless he is also licensed as a dealer, sell, send out, or deliver spirits to a rectifier, dealer, or retailer, or buy or receive spirits from another retailer, not being also licensed as a dealer.

(3.) A dealer or retailer must not receive, send out, or have in his possession any British spirits of any strength exceeding that at which a distiller may send out spirits of the like denomination.

(4.) If a dealer or retailer contravenes this section he shall for each offence incur a fine of fifty pounds, and in case of the spirits being of unlawful strength they shall be forfeited.