Inland Revenue Act, 1880

A brewing book to be delivered to brewers for sale and provisions to be observed in relation thereto.

20. A book in the prescribed form shall be delivered by an officer to every brewer for sale, and the following provisions shall have effect in relation to the book, and to the entries to be made therein:—

(1.) The brewer shall keep the book in some part of his entered premises at all times ready for the inspection of the officers, and shall permit any officer at any time to inspect the same and make extracts therefrom.

(2.) The brewer shall enter separately in the book the quantity of malt, corn, and sugar which he intends to use in his next brewing, and also the day and hour when such next brewing is intended to take place.

(3.) The brewer shall make such entry, so far as respects the day and hour of brewing, twenty-four hours at the least before he shall begin to mash any malt or corn, or dissolve any sugar, and so far as respects the quantity of malt, corn, and sugar, two hours at the least before the hour entered for brewing.

(4.) The brewer shall, two hours at the least before the hour entered for brewing, enter the time when all the worts will be drawn off the grains in the mash tun.

(5.) The brewer shall, within one hour of the worts being collected, or, if the worts be not collected before nine in the afternoon, before nine in the forenoon of the following day, enter the particulars of the quantity and gravity of the worts produced from each brewing, and also the description and number of the vessel or vessels into which the worts have been conveyed.

(6.) The brewer shall, at the time of making any entry, insert the date when the entry is made.

(7.) The brewer shall not cancel, obliterate, or alter any entry in the book, or make therein any entry which is untrue in any particular.

(8.) The brewer shall, if so required by the Commissioners, send notice in writing containing the prescribed particulars to the proper officer forty-eight hours before his next brewing is intended to take place.

For any contravention of this section the brewer shall incur a fine of one hundred pounds.