Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878

Transfer of mortgages.

242. Any mortgagee or other person entitled to any mortgage under this Act may transfer his estate and interest therein to any other person by deed duly stamped, truly stating its date and the consideration for the transfer; and such transfers may be according to the form contained in the Schedule (B.) to this Act, or to the like effect.

There shall be kept at the office of the sanitary authority a register of the transfers of mortgage charged on each rate, and within thirty days after the date of such deed of transfer, if executed within the United Kingdom, or within thirty days after its arrival in the United Kingdom, if executed elsewhere, the same shall be produced to the clerk of the sanitary authority, who shall, on payment of a sum not exceeding five shillings, cause an entry to be made in such register of its date, and of the names and description of the parties thereto, as stated in the transfer; and until such entry is made the sanitary authority shall not be in any manner responsible to the transferee.

On the registration of any transfer the transferee, his executors or administrators, shall be entitled to the full benefit of the original mortgage and the principal and interest secured thereby; and any transferee may in like manner transfer his estate and interest in any such mortgage; and no person except the last transferee, his executors or administrators, shall be entitled to release or discharge any such mortgage or any money secured thereby.

If the clerk of the sanitary authority wilfully neglects or refuses to make in the register any entry by this section required to be made, he shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding twenty pounds.