Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878

Power to borrow on credit of sewage land and plant.

239. Where any sanitary authority are possessed of any land, works, or other property for the purposes of disposal of sewage pursuant to this Act, they may borrow any moneys on the credit of such lands works or other property, and may mortgage such lands, works, or other property to any person advancing such moneys, in the same manner in all respects as if they were the absolute owner, both at law and in equity, of the lands works or other property so mortgaged. The moneys so borrowed shall be applied for purposes for which moneys may be borrowed under this Act; but it shall not be in any way incumbent on the mortgagees to see to the application of such moneys, nor shall they be responsible for any misapplication thereof.

The powers of borrowing conferred by this section shall, where the sums borrowed do not exceed three-fourths of the purchase money of such lands (but not otherwise), be deemed to be distinct from and in addition to the general borrowing powers conferred on a sanitary authority by this Act. Any sanitary authority may pay out of any rates leviable by them for purposes of this Act any instalments of principal and the interest on any moneys borrowed by such authority in pursuance of this section.