Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878

Power to purchase lands.

202. Any sanitary authority may for the purposes and subject to the provisions of this Act purchase or take on lease, sell or exchange any lands, whether situated within or without their district; they may also buy up any water-mill, dam, or weir which interferes with the proper drainage of or the supply of water to their district; and may, for the purpose of supplying their district with water for drinking and domestic purposes, purchase either within or without their district any land covered with water or any water or right to take or convey water.

Any lands acquired by a sanitary authority in pursuance of any powers in this Act contained and not required for the purpose for which they were acquired shall, except where otherwise expressly provided by this Act (unless the Local Government Board otherwise direct), be sold at the best price that can be gotten for the same, and the proceeds of such sale shall be applied towards the discharge of any principal moneys which have been borrowed by such authority on the security of the fund or rate applicable by them for the general purposes of this Act, or if no such principal moneys are outstanding shall be carried to the account of such fund or rate.