Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878

On representation duly made, Local Government Board may restrain the opening of new burial grounds, and order discontinuance of burials in specified places.

162. In case it shall appear to the Local Government Board, upon representation made to it or otherwise, that for the protection of public health the opening of any new burial ground in any city or town, or within any other limits in Ireland, save with the approval of the Local Government Board, should be prohibited, or that for such protection of public health, or for the maintenance of public decency, or to prevent a violation of the respect due to the remains of deceased persons, that burials in any city or town, or within any other limits, or in any burial ground or places of burial in Ireland, should be wholly discontinued, or should be discontinued subject to any exception or qualification, it shall be lawful for the Local Goverment Board to order that no new burial ground shall be opened in any city or town or within such limits, without such previous approval, or that after a time mentioned in the order burials in any such city or town, or within such limits, or in such burial grounds, or places of burial, shall be discontinued wholly or subject to any exceptions or qualifications mentioned in such order, and so from time to time as circumstances may require.