Public Health (Ireland) Act, 1878

Sanitary officers and superintendent officers of health.

11. Every medical officer of a dispensary district shall be a sanitary officer for such district, or for such part thereof as he shall personally be in charge of, under the title of medical officer of health, with such additional salary as the sanitary authority thereof may determine, with the approval of the Local Government Board; and every sanitary authority, whether urban or rural, shall appoint such other sanitary officers, including a medical superintendent officer of health when deemed necessary, as the Local Government Board shall in each case direct, with such salaries or additional salaries as the said sanitary authority shall determine, with the approval of the Local Government Board; and the said Board shall assign to the medical officers of health, and to the other sanitary officers, if any, and to the medical superintendent officer of health, if such an officer be appointed for the sanitary district, their respective duties and functions in the discovery or inspection or removal of nuisances, in the supply of pure water, in the making or repairing of sewers and drains, or in generally aiding the administration of the sanitary laws within the district:

Provided, that with regard to salaries or additional salaries whereof any portion is to be recouped to any local fund from moneys voted by Parliament, the amount of any new salary and the proportion between any existing salary, and the addition thereto, shall be approved by the Treasury.

Every such salary, or additional salary so determined or approved shall be payable from such local fund as the Local Government Board shall indicate as properly chargeable therewith, and such part thereof as Parliament shall from time to time determine shall be recouped to such local fund out of moneys to be voted by Parliament; and the Local Government Board shall have the same powers with regard to the qualification appointment duties regulation of salary and tenure of office of every sanitary officer as they have in the case of the medical officer of a dispensary district.

Union of Districts.