Supreme Court of Judicature Act (Ireland) 1877

Part III.

Sittings and Distribution of Business.

Abolition of terms.

29. [1 The division of the legal year into terms shall be abolished so far as relates to the administration of justice, and there shall no longer be terms applicable to any sitting or business of the High Court of Justice, or of the Court of Appeal, or of any Commissioners to whom any jurisdiction maybe assigned under this Act; but] in all other cases in which, under the law now existing, the terms into which the legal year is divided are used as a measure for determining the time at or within which any act is required to be done, the same may continue to be referred to for the same or the like purpose, unless and until provision is otherwise made by any lawful authority. Subject to rules of Court, the High Court of Justice, the Court of Appeal, and the judges thereof respectively, or any such Commissioners as aforesaid, shall have power to sit and act, at any time, and at any place, for the transaction of any part of the business of such Courts respectively, or of such Judges or Commissioners, or for the discharge of any duty which by any Act of Parliament or otherwise, is required to be discharged during or after term.

[1 Words in brackets rep. 57 & 58 Vict. c. 56 (S.L.R.)]