General Prisons (Ireland) Act, 1877

Powers of board and inspectors to summon witnesses.

11. Every member of the General Prisons Board and every inspector appointed under this Act may by summons under his hand require the attendance of all such persons as he shall think fit to call before him, upon any matter connected with the execution of this Act, at such time and place as shall be set forth in such summons, and may make inquiry and require returns, and may administer oaths and examine all such persons on oath, and may require and enforce the production upon oath of books contracts agreements accounts and other documents in anywise relating to any such matter: Provided always, that no person shall be required, in obedience to any such summons, to go more than twenty statute miles from the place of his abode: Provided also, that nothing herein contained shall empower any member of the General Prisons Board or any inspector to require the production of the title or any papers or deeds relating to the title of any lands tenements or hereditaments not being property vested in the General Prisons Board.

Every person who upon any examination under the authority of this Act shall wilfully give false evidence, or wilfully make or subscribe a false declaration, shall be guilty of perjury; and every person who shall refuse or wilfully neglect to act in obedience to any such summons, or to give evidence, or who shall wilfully alter suppress conceal destroy or refuse to produce any books contracts agreements accounts or other documents which may be required to be produced for the purposes of this Act to any person authorised by this Act to require the production thereof, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.