Tramways (Ireland) Amendment (Dublin) Act, 1876

One approval by grand jury of county of Dublin and by municipal corporation to be sufficient. 23 & 24 Vict. c. 152.

1. It shall not in future be necessary for the grand jury of the county of Dublin or the municipal corporation of the city of Dublin to pronounce a provisional approval of any undertaking, under the Tramways Acts, but the said grand jury or said municipal corporation as the case may be in proceeding under the fifth section of the Tramways (Ireland) Act, 1860, shall definitely approve or disapprove of such undertaking, in the case of the said grand jury at the first presenting term at which the same shall be brought before them, and in the case of the said municipal corporation at a meeting of the said municipal corporation held for the consideration of the matter of any such undertaking in the manner herein-after mentioned; and it shall not be necessary to obtain any further or other approval from the said grand jury or municipal corporation at any subsequent term or meeting.